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Cheesy. Gordita. Crunch. This was hilarious! I love it!


First part was ok, but then I thought what the hell is this, sorry not my cup of tee

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Wow, I was really into the story until the "my name is Bonnie" thing happened, but that wouldn't be bad (although I was hoping I could write whatever name I wanted, but oh well), but then there was that silly joke scene with Fang and that cut leaving the story as something fictitious, I mean, a fiction within another story.
And I don't agree with Hank at all, I understand that he likes the submissive male vs. dominant male fetish more... but I was really liking the dynamic of Fang showing that tender side. 

That cut of the story completely took me out of the story. But well, later I will continue to see how it goes.

What? Taco Bell? Oh... I see, is this a comedy? I didn't see any signs of this anywhere, I feel cheated, I was expecting a romance story  D:
But I enjoyed several moments, and I can only thank you considering that it is free. But I was expecting something that takes itself seriously.


i was so invested with the description and the story keeps getting worse in a good way. haha such a unique experience tho


The best description of the story.


I would just say it kept getting worse.


This was hilarious, thanks so much for the laughs! Oh Bonnie, you try your best.




So true...

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I liked the topics this story touched upon and it's overall a cute and funny lil game! Loved it >w<


I thought basket weaving was peak comedy but then space baskets arrived


Ok this was fun. I had a great time.


bro this fucked me up like what!!!!


That first appearance of Fang in the cave with the fire was legit terrifying. Would've been better if he was maybe 20% bigger though.


Starting this story my first reaction to Fang was “You…..kinda smol. A tough lil guy…headpat recipient for sure. Then the twist happened.🤗 Bonnie and Hank are now my frenemies😂 The whole time Hank was giving his “notes ” I was ranting “Don’t you dare nerf our character you sonnavbitch.”   This story is amazing. 


bro gave his million word honest reaction


I swear to all that is unholy, this was amazing. I hated it with a passion but such an amazing twist. 90/10, absolutely recommend it wholeheartedly


Fang is really cute, I wish there was more content with him.


It strikes me that in the description you speak of the humanoid wolf as "Wolf man" and that the story is about two "adventurers" traveling around. Have you by chance been inspired by a gameplay in the Adventure Mode of Dwarf Fortress? Or maybe I just like it so much that I see it everywhere XD

I do like dwarf fortress but I've only played fortress mode. I'm sure I'll give adventure mode a try when it comes out on the steam version. I was mostly inspired by other VNs :)


I have an idea of a story where a world that was generated in the Dwarf Fortress inspired me, but I don't know whether to just do it as a comic in Furaffinity or try to make a game like this. Was it difficult for you to learn how to make a VN? I mean with the program to mount everything. How time did it take you to make yours?


It took a couple of months with two people but the programmer is experienced and had their own toolset already. I recommend renpy if you are trying to break into VN development.

Is this real? The publish date was sus -_-


It is 100% real. One, if not the best,  finished furry visual novels on Itchio. 


I can't believe I fell for it :sob:


Amazing VN  loved every second of it

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An innovative masterpiece. Truly, an indomitable force for its genre. The writing was impeccable, the characters original, and the worldbuilding daring and new. A must read for any TRUE consumer of exquisite furry VN content.




Is there gonna be a Mac zip for this visual novel?


We uploaded a Mac build now. Let us know if you run into any issues with it. :)


Just finished reading this, and while I don't want to say too much about it because of spoilers, I will say I enjoyed it very much. As a friend of your co-creator on this, I just wanted to say I appreciate the work that both of you do.


Thank you! This is my first time taking the reins on something like this. I was a little worried through development that the game wouldn't be well received so your support genuinely means a lot.


Hi there! I came across with your app and I noticed it was released like 6 hours ago. I like to read stuffs and it is a hobby of mine and I am looking forward on reading this one ! If I had the money I would like to donate but sadly I don't but I hope one day I can! 😄 I also noticed that there was no comments so yeah.... 😅


Not looking for donations but thank you! If you want to support the game you can leave a rating if you enjoyed your time playing.